Our Services

Our Comprehensive Services Can Deliver

Being a valuable partner to our clients means having the services and resources to handle a variety of challenging projects.

From feasibility studies and construction management and operations and maintenance services TK Business Group brings together the talent and expertise necessary to delivery success. Learn more about the services TK Business Group:

  • Aiding contractors and principals with tenders and request for quotations submissions
  • Aiding contractors and principals with project and concept estimates
  • Project management services
  • Programing and staging of projects
  • Program management
  • Concept designs
  • Route studies
  • Development of Total Asset Management Plans and Life Cycle Analysis (for both Road and Building Facilities Assets)
  • Road, Bridge and Building Facilities rehab project development
  • Project development in general (risk management, economic appraisal, environmental assessment, constructability studies, scoping, design, project estimating at various stages, and the like)
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Risk management
  • Constructability studies 
  • Undertaking Road Safety Audits
  • Undertaking Parking Audits
  • Traffic Management (Applications for Road Occupancy Licenses, Audits, and Staging for projects)
  • Aiding with certification to obtain recognised safety, quality, environmental and traffic management systems
  • Noise monitoring and investigations
  • Structural and Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural analysis of temporary construction structures and development of Demolishment plans
  • Dilapidation Inspections and Reports (Including drone inspections)
  • Utilities and Services locating and reports
  • Development of traffic control signal designs
  • Advise for both flexible and ridge pavements
  • Advise for asset management including both road maintenance and building facilities maintenance
  • Development of Business Cases to secure funding for capital works
  • Development of both operational and capital budgets
  • Aiding with WHS requirements across the construction sector
  • Supply of Site and Project engineers and managers for project management services
  • Aiding with lift plans for significant crane lifts
  • Transport Network Optimisation
  • Fleet Management
  • Traffic Modelling
  • Carpark Design 
  • Design services in general