TK Business Group’s diverse workforce includes technicians, professionals, engineers and project managers who use their knowledge, skills & talent to make a difference in their field.

Why Work for TKB Group?

TK directors Robert and Michael understand flexibility for staff and a balanced life is key to getting the best outcome for both TKB Group and staff. Where possible we encourage working from home arrangements for staff, while also providing a modern office environment within Parramatta Square for those who prefer to come into the office.

We place trust in our staff and understand work is about outcomes achieved rather than hours worked at a desk. Being in the transport sector we also want to contribute to better journey times for the community at large and these days travelling every day to work at a nominated location has become at times unnecessary.

In terms of career and professional development, Robert and Michael strive to get the best out of themselves and those around them and encourage critical thinking and an enquiring mind. Joining the TK team you will be genuinely supported and guided by experts in the industry while also being given the freedom to work to your strengths and be your best.