Bus Strategy, Planning and Delivery during Rail Line Closures

Project Background

The NSW Government has been implementing a multi-billion dollar program of converting key train stations across Sydney to Metro stations. This work requires the complete closure of the affected train stations and the implementation of ‘rail replacement’ bus services to meet the needs of the travelling public during this time. TK Business Group played a central role in the planning, development and delivery of rail replacement bus services for a number of Metro upgrade projects, ensuring continued provision of service to the travelling public during rail closure periods.

Program Scope

TK Business Group was initially engaged by Transport for NSW’s (TfNSW) Sydney Coordination Office (SCO) to work on the operational implementation of Station Link bus services during the nine-month closure of the Epping to Chatswood rail line in 2018, to enable conversion of these train stations to Metro stations. TK’s work on Station Link included developing bus service contingencies in response to road works, traffic congestion, and patronage levels, as well as developing service level adjustments to cater to changes in demand for public transport over Christmas holiday and public holiday periods. TK Business Group was then engaged to develop a Concept of Operations for the closure of the Carlingford to Clyde rail line for the three-year construction of the Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1. In developing the Concept of Operations for the interim transport plan, TK Business Group conducted analysis of rail line (T6) patronge and subsequently developed an appropriate route and frequency of service to accommodate the existing and future patronage expected over the three years of the rail line closure. TK Business Group developed a number of service options for implementation. Following on from this work, TK Business Group was then engaged to draft schedules and timetables for the two-week closure of the Sydenham to Bankstown and Hurstville to Central train lines during the 2019-20 Christmas/New Year period. TK Business Group constructed individual timetables for each day across ten routes with 300 buses scheduled for this closure to carry over 100,000 passengers per day. TK Business Group also prepared costings for each route per day to inform a tender for the provision of the temporary bus services.

Project Highlights

TK Business Group conducted detailed analysis of OPAL passenger data to develop the service levels across multiple routes and across differing day types including weekdays, weekends, public holidays and New Years Eve bump in and bump out timetables on two major rail corridors.