Sunnyholt Road Bus Layover

Project Background

As part of the NSW Government’s ‘Bus Priority Infrastructure Program’, Transport for NSW engaged TK Business Group initially to document and evaluate the benefits of a proposed new bus layover in proximity to Blacktown train station. Following this, TK was further engaged to prepare an Operations & Maintenance Plan for the layover, and finally to project manage construction of the new layover. The new layover was commissioned during 2023.

Program Scope

TK’s initial engagement on this project comprised development of a Benefits Evaluation Framework for inclusion in a business case, written by TK on behalf of Transport, demonstrating the value of providing the proposed layover. The Framework addresses vehicle operating and road network costs, customer and environmental considerations, and contractual obligations. The initial business case captured analysis of patronage and bus movements at the Blacktown Bus Terminus, identifying the need for a bus layover at Sunnyholt Rd along the Northwest Transit Way.

During the development and design of the bus layover, TK was engaged to develop the Operations & Maintenance Plan for the site. This included preventative, scheduled, reactive maintenance and operational requirements of the site. It documented a list of all assets required for a bus layover and the required frequency of maintenance for the operation of the facility, considering compliance with relevant standards associated with testing, inspection, and certification of assets to ensure the facility is safe for users and to ensure assets can achieve their life expectancy.

Following development of the Operations & Maintenance Plan, and due to TK’s extensive experience in bus and road infrastructure, TK secured the project management for construction of the layover.

The scope of works for construction of the bus layover included:

  • Excavation
  • Utilities relocation
  • Installation of stormwater drainage
  • Installation of concrete hardstand
  • Roadworks on both Gordon Street and North West Transitway
  • Construction of a driver’s facility lunch room, toilets and rest area

Installation of retaining and noise walls.

Project Highlights

The Benefits Evaluation Framework developed by TK now forms an integral component of TfNSW business case development for bus layovers across the bus network.