The expertise, passion and commitment of our employees is the foundation of our company. They are our most valuable asset and the success of our company is based on them.

At TK Business Group, we are committed to making a positive impact in communities. TK Business Group diverse workforce includes technicians, professionals, engineers and project managers who use their knowledge, skills and talent to make a difference every day. Join us on our journey to ensure a better future for all.

Please send your resume to if you are interested in the TK Business Group journey.

Why Work for TKB Group?

Both our directors Robert and Michael understand flexibility for staff and a balanced life is the key to get the best outcome for both TKB Group and staff. Where possible we encourage working from home arrangements for staff. We place trust in our staff and understand work is about outcomes achieved rather than hours worked at a desk. Being in the transport sector we also want to contribute to better journey times for the community at large and with the current software and web based tools available to us, travelling every day to work to a predetermined location has become unnecessary at times.